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Your home is one of the single most significant investments that you will make. Let Washington Home Doctors be your healthy home service provider. Our professional staff and service technicians work hard to earn your trust. We offer general maintenance and repair services including but not limited to the following;

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It's no secret that property maintenance is viewed by too many people as necessary but preferably delayed. Two decades plus of good customer service has taught us that an ounce of prevention is indeed better that a pound of cure particularly on your business' budget. At Washington Home Doctors we view scheduled maintenance as a fix in time that saves you nine potential fixes.

Exceptional quality, responsive, and cost-effective maintenance not only makes sense from an asset preservation standpoint, it is the undergirding of our twenty plus years of customer good service commitment. Many of our client-landlords rely on our responsive maintenance as a tenant retention tool, and a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the best quality tenants.

Make preventive maintenance your budget priority. Put our preventive maintenance program to work for you. Maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Call us: (301) 336-4672 or 1 (866) HOT-BATH